July 6, 2024

From functional kitchen spaces to an airy sunroom, there are many creative ways to illuminate your home with skylights. However, when considering a skylight for your home, you may be unsure when it comes to the installation process. In this blog, we invite you to come behind the scenes of a skylight installation from the initial enquiry to the reveal of a beautiful sun-filled room.


Enquire at a skylight company

The first step to getting the skylight of your dreams is making an enquiry. Here at Natural Lighting Products, our team is ready to guide you through the process of a skylight installation while considering your unique requirements and circumstances. For a free quote and assessment, request a free quote online or find an agent near you to contact about your project. 


Home visit

After we have received your enquiry, we will visit your home to assess your roof and space. Whether you are looking to install a skylight in your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor entertaining area, or transitional space, we will discuss your options including the size, type, and placement. We proudly offer the widest range of premium-quality and cost-effective skylights in Australia, including INFINITI, Keylite, Natural Lighting, and Velux products. With the right skylight placement, you can also maximise the benefits that our skylights provide. A skylight facing north will constantly get light and less heat, while a skylight facing south provides the best solar gain and natural light during Winter. Solar heat during the morning can be enjoyed with a skylight facing east, whereas a skylight facing west is best for heat gain during the afternoon. As well as these considerations, we will take other factors into account including the state of your roof, desired aesthetics, and budget. By the end of the visit, you should have a cost estimate for your skylights and their installation. You can then book a date and time to have them installed!


skylights installation


Preparing the inside of your home

On the date of installation, our team will take every precaution to keep your home as clean as possible. This may involve wearing protective shoe coverings when inside or laying drop cloths and sheets to catch debris. After these precautions have been set up, our team will mark the outline of the hole to be cut in the ceiling. Insulation is removed above the ceiling where the drywall will be cut. Then, a saw is used to cut the ceiling drywall to reveal the light shaft opening. Finally, the structure of the roof is reinforced with framing.


Working on the roof

After everything is finished inside, attention is drawn to your roof. The roof deck will need to be exposed, which usually involves removing tiles or shingles. A hole is then measured and cut in your roof to match the size of your skylight. Then, seals and other weather protections are put in place to prevent leaks. With these protections in place, the skylight is positioned and the edges are sealed. A flashing system is then added which further protects a skylight over time. At Natural Lighting Products, you can choose from a variety of custom flashings to suit your roof type and colour for better design integration. If your skylight is solar-powered, the solar panel will be installed too.


skylights installation


Interior finishings

The final part of the installation process is interior finishings. The space between the skylight and the ceiling opening is called the light shaft. Drywall pieces are cut to cover all four sides of the light shaft and are nailed in place. The corners are finished off with trim or tape. Then, the interior of the light shaft is painted to match the colour of your ceiling.


Adding accessories

From blinds to architraves, there are many skylight accessories that you may be interested in. Accessories can help deliver natural light into your space, allow you to control when light comes in throughout the day, or improve the design aesthetics of your skylight. These can be added by our team during the installation process or at any point afterwards.


Skylight reveal

Before our team leaves, they will show you your new skylight and how to use it. Now, you’re ready to enjoy your transformed space!


skylights installation


At Natural Lighting Products, we offer a complete accredited installation service on all of our skylights. Our team of experts possess the skills and experience to select the right skylight for your home and ensure proper installation with precise fitting, sealing, and finishing without compromising the integrity of your home. To transform your home with the beauty of natural light, contact the experts at Natural Lighting Products.