June 15, 2023

Sometimes during winter, you want to do nothing more than cosy up in blankets, break out the hot chocolate, and snuggle up away from the cool weather. Though, it can be especially frustrating on winter days where the sun is shining and warm but the inside of your house is freezing. You might be tempted to crank the heater up to full blast to keep your home toasty, but with the cost of electricity, that isn’t always the best option. Installing a skylight can be a simple and energy-efficient way to enjoy all parts of the winter season from the comfort of your own home.


1. Health benefits


Exposing yourself to more natural light in winter has multiple health benefits. More exposure to natural light will make you less likely to experience any symptoms of seasonal depression or the winter blues. By the same token, you will keep your vitamin D levels high, which can aid in maintaining bone strength and overall a healthy body will keep your immunity high. You will notice the benefit to your circadian rhythm and sleeping patterns, as natural light can assist in keeping these in check. Without needing to use as much artificial light and fluorescents, your mood and motivation will also improve.


2. Create the feeling of more space 


As the days grow shorter and darker, the four walls of your home can feel as they are pressing in. This is especially true as we often keep our curtains drawn due to heat loss through unglazed windows. A skylight can create the illusion of spaciousness in your home, making it feel more luxurious too. In a hallway, it can open up and brighten the space, while in a living room it can feel as if you have expanded on your livable space – not to mention that they look stylish and sophisticated. If you’re worried about the skylight letting out too much of your home’s warmth, then look for an option that features a Low-Emissivity Glazing. These Low-E glazes are effective in preventing the warm air inside from leaving (and prevent the hot air from entering in the summertime too). They also stop UV rays from entering the home, keeping you safe.

home skylights


3. Brings the outdoors in, when it’s too cold to enjoy the outdoors


On those days where it is bright but too cold to venture out, a skylight can make you feel as though the outdoors have been brought in. You can feel as though you’ve stepped out into the warming sunlight without having to deal with any of the negative cold weather. Your home will be lit up and brighter, making it feel so much more cosy. During stormy weather, you can also enjoy the benefit of the best view, looking right at the action! If you’re still trying to maintain your privacy in the night, or are not wanting the early sun to wake you too early, there are many skylight options that include blinds. Whether automatic or manual blinds, you can enjoy all the perks of your skylight during the day, but enjoy the cosy privacy at night.


4. Improves Ventilation


If you opt for a roof window, you can improve the ventilation of your home. We have all experienced the build up of condensation on our windows overnight and nothing ever dries as well in the cooler weather. With opening roof windows, you can give your home all the ventilation and fresh air it requires without letting the cold breeze inside. You can choose from manual opening roof windows or solar powered options that can even have moisture detectors to close them if it starts to rain – taking peace of mind to the extreme.




Overall, skylights can offer many health, aesthetic, and practical benefits that will make life easier throughout the winter months and beyond. From helping your space feel more open and bright, to improving your health and home’s ventilation, a skylight can be an excellent solution for your interior. For a range of design ideas and practical options for your home, contact us today to let us help you turn your home into a dream space.