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outdoor patio skylights

6 Reasons to Choose Skylights for Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

March 19, 2024

Outdoor entertaining is a big part of Australian culture and the allure of luxurious outdoor living spaces is undeniable. Whether you are enjoying a cosy patio, a spacious covered deck, or a suburban terrace, spending time outdoors with family and friends allows us all to unwind and relax. The singular drawback of these outdoor entertainment … Continue reading “6 Reasons to Choose Skylights for Your Outdoor Entertaining Area”

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Illuminating Transitional Spaces: Skylights for Staircases and Hallways

Illuminating Transitional Spaces: Skylights for Staircases and Hallways As we consider and plan the design of our homes, we often focus on the main living areas and bathrooms, neglecting the transitional spaces that connect them. Staircases and hallways are frequently overlooked when it comes to lighting and aesthetics, but proper illumination of these areas is … Continue reading “Illuminating Transitional Spaces: Skylights for Staircases and Hallways”

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Innovation and Skylights: Increasing Skylight Usability

They have evolved over the years from being simple constructions that let in too much heat and light, to being beacons of efficiency and elegance. In this article, we will explore clever features of modern skylights that increase their usability and make them better suited for all spaces.   The Evolution of Skylights Traditionally, skylights … Continue reading “Innovation and Skylights: Increasing Skylight Usability”

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Bathroom Skylights

The Benefits of Skylights in Your Bathroom

November 18, 2023

Bathrooms are often considered to be the most private and intimate spaces in our homes. They provide a functional space where we can both prepare for our days and unwind at the end of them. While bathroom design and functionality are crucial aspects of creating a welcoming space, one often overlooked feature can make a … Continue reading “The Benefits of Skylights in Your Bathroom”

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Debunking the 6 Most Common Skylight Myths

October 17, 2023

Skylights add a striking feature to any home and provide premium natural lighting solutions to every space. But many of us are deterred by horror stories, complaints, and problems shared with us by people who had skylights 30 years ago. Many of these kinds of skylights are no longer in production and were not installed … Continue reading “Debunking the 6 Most Common Skylight Myths”

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Keylite Skylight Kitchen Installation Wollongong.

Common Skylight Problems & How To Avoid Them

August 14, 2023

Skylights have numerous benefits for your home, from bringing in natural light to adding effortless aesthetic appeal. They have the potential to make your home more energy efficient, add value to your property, and provide you with more privacy than traditional windows. However, like any architectural feature, skylights can encounter certain challenges. Common issues such … Continue reading “Common Skylight Problems & How To Avoid Them”

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Creative Ways to Illuminate Your Home with Skylights

Creative Ways to Illuminate Your Home with Skylights

July 18, 2023

When it comes to modifying and enhancing your living space, natural light is an invaluable asset. Not only does natural light enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior, but it also promotes a positive sense of well-being and creates a spacious and inviting atmosphere. An exceptional and aesthetically pleasing way to increase natural brightness in … Continue reading “Creative Ways to Illuminate Your Home with Skylights”

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Which Roof Window Should You Choose?

June 28, 2023

  Natural Lighting Products is one of the few companies that sell both Keylite and Velux roof windows. By stocking both of these premium brands, we offer our customers a real choice and the ability to compare products side-by-side.   PRODUCT QUALITY Keylite and Velux are two of the leading roof window companies in Europe. … Continue reading “Which Roof Window Should You Choose?”

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Benefits of Skylights During the Winter Months

June 15, 2023

Sometimes during winter, you want to do nothing more than cosy up in blankets, break out the hot chocolate, and snuggle up away from the cool weather. Though, it can be especially frustrating on winter days where the sun is shining and warm but the inside of your house is freezing. You might be tempted … Continue reading “Benefits of Skylights During the Winter Months”

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How to Beat the Winter Blues

May 15, 2023

In the Southern Hemisphere, residents are preparing for the advent of winter. Colder, darker months affect everyone differently. As the nights get shorter, you may experience the feeling of ‘winter blues’. The gloomy weather can either create, or exacerbate symptoms like irritability, depression, and lack of motivation. This is a real condition, as the effect … Continue reading “How to Beat the Winter Blues”

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Creative Uses For Skylights

6 of the Most Creative Uses For Skylights In 2023

April 24, 2023

  Natural light is a vital element in any building, and skylights are a creative way to bring in more of it. Skylights are an architectural feature that can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space, while also providing numerous benefits to occupants. Whether you’re looking to create a more energy-efficient building, improve indoor … Continue reading “6 of the Most Creative Uses For Skylights In 2023”

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Skylight maintenance

Skylight maintenance – tips, tricks, and myths

March 14, 2023

Skylight maintenance is required on occasion to increase a skylight’s longevity. But what is really necessary, and does this require professional help or can it be done DIY? Different materials require different techniques and considerations when being cleaned. Acrylic and glass skylights face separate challenges and require a different level of maintenance. Skylights must be … Continue reading “Skylight maintenance – tips, tricks, and myths”

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