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Keylite Skylights

Keylite is an award-winning, European brand with a focus on design technology, unrivalled service, and renowned product support. With Natural Lighting Products as their exclusive distributor in Australia, Keylite now offer a range of high-performance skylights and accessories specifically designed to suit the country’s harsh climate.


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Discover Keylite Skylights for Brighter Living Space

If you’re looking to bring natural light into your home and transform your living spaces, Keylite Skylights are your ideal solution. Our range of Keylite skylights, including Keylite fixed skylights and Keylite blinds, will brighten your world, naturally.


At Natural Lighting, we understand the art of harnessing daylight to create inviting, energy-efficient living spaces. Keylite skylights are engineered for maximum performance and style, seamlessly fitting into your roof.


Ready to elevate your home with Skylights? Explore our collection now and transform your space with the beauty of natural light.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keylite?

Keylite is an award-winning brand and leader in the skylight industry in Europe.They offer a range of high-performance skylights and accessories that are designed to bring natural light into your home or office.

Are Keylite skylights suitable for Australian climate?

Absolutely. Together with their exclusive Australian distributor, Natural Lighting Products, Keylite have gone above and beyond to develop a range of skylights specifically to suit the country’s climate. Keylite skylightshave the best thermal performance in the market today, making them an increasingly popular choice for builders and homeowners alike.

Are Keylite skylights made to Australian standards?

Yes. All Keylite skylights have undergone rigorous testing and passed Australian Standards AS4285 / AS1288 / AS3959.

Are Keylite skylights better for summer or winter?

Keylite skylights are designed to maximise energy efficiency in both summer and winter – helping you control heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation costs thanks to its glazing that blocks 80% of heat transfer and U-Value of 1.0 that reduces heat loss.

Are Keylite skylights bushfire rated?

Like no other skylight on the Australian market, Keylite skylights will outperform even in the toughest of environments as their BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) achieves a rating of 40 and is accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 rating.