June 28, 2023


Natural Lighting Products is one of the few companies that sell both Keylite and Velux roof windows. By stocking both of these premium brands, we offer our customers a real choice and the ability to compare products side-by-side.



Keylite and Velux are two of the leading roof window companies in Europe. Their products are designed to withstand the harshest climate conditions and pass all relevant Australian Standards for skylights. The durability and energy efficiency of these brands make them a popular choice for both builders and homeowners alike.



Keylite and Velux roof windows look similar in profile and are available in the same standard sizes. This means that both products will fit the same way no matter the design concept that your architect comes up with.


kitchen skylights
Keylite windows installed over a kitchen


The required flashing for your skylight will be determined by your roof profile (Tile or Corrugated). Both Keylite and Velux products come with a standard 4-piece flashing system (ideally for a tiled roof). Keylite take it a step further and give you the option of a colour-coated 1-piece tray for a corrugated roof. This system makes installation very simple and is reliably more waterproof for a corrugated roof profile.

keylighte skylights installation in Australia
Left: Keylite 1 piece tray, corrugated. Right: Keylite 1 piece pitched tray, Klip-Lok.



Comparing thermal performance and U-Value is a critical factor when deciding which roof window to use. The U-Value is measured on a scale out of 10 and the lower it is, the better. Always compare the U-Values – they can make a huge difference in the comfort of your property.


Both Keylite and Velux outperform standard 3mm acrylic dome skylights in terms of thermal performance, with low-E double-glazed glass as a standard. Keylite roof windows come standard with their award-winning integrated “Thermal Collar” which fills the gap between the flashing and the frame, providing a completely sealed installation detail. A thermal collar is also available for Velux but must be ordered as an extra item.

skylights thermal performance and U-Value

When comparing any building products, understanding what you’re installing can make a massive difference in the comfort level of your property or on your heating and cooling costs. Chat with one of our experienced agents today and let us help you choose the best skylights for your particular needs.