March 19, 2024

They have evolved over the years from being simple constructions that let in too much heat and light, to being beacons of efficiency and elegance. In this article, we will explore clever features of modern skylights that increase their usability and make them better suited for all spaces.


The Evolution of Skylights

Traditionally, skylights served as passive openings in buildings, allowing natural light to filter in and illuminate interior spaces. While they offered undeniable aesthetic appeal and a connection to the outdoors, they also posed challenges in terms of temperature regulation, glare control, and energy efficiency. While we have guides that help you avoid these common skylight problems and debunk common skylight myths, the main reason that fewer issues occur with skylights from Natural Lighting Products is because the technology and techniques involved in our construction and installation embrace new materials and technology available.


Improved Thermal Ratings

Older and less advanced skylight designs allow passive heat inside during summer and allow warm air to escape during the winter months. The better technology used in skylights like our Keylite and INFINITI ranges significantly enhances the thermal performance, allowing in visible light while preventing heat loss and gain. When choosing a skylight, look for low U-Values and Low-Emissivity coatings, as this technology not only enhances the comfort of your property, but the increased thermal performance can keep your energy bills down for good. To take your thermal rating a step further, the award-winning integrated Thermal Collar of Keylite roof windows fills the gap between the skylight flashing and the frame, creating a completely sealed installation detail. This ensures your space is using the best skylight technology to keep your room at the most ideal temperature.


UV Blocking Defence

Exposure to UV light can fade furniture and fabrics, as well as cause damage to other decor inside your home. Worse still, UV radiation is what causes sunburns and skin damage. This can cause concern for those wanting to include skylights in their homes but not wanting the adverse effects. Newer skylight technology not only offers specialised glazing to prevent UV from entering through the skylight but also features double glazing and an argon gas-filled cavity between each pane to insulate and stop UV from passing through. With modern skylights, you can let in the sun without experiencing the negative impact.


Skylight Blinds Inclusion

Many skylights now allow for the inclusion of blinds, letting you have full control over how much light enters your home. This removes any concerns about placing skylights in the bedroom or in any theatre room where you may want to create a dark atmosphere. Some skylight blind technology can be connected to your electric systems or have solar panels, allowing you to use remote controls to open and close your skylight blinds for a convenient option. This level of remote control not only enhances convenience but also enables users to respond quickly to changing needs, empowering owners to optimise their living environments with ease.


Wet Weather Skylight Sensors

There are numerous benefits of opening skylights, from allowing cross-ventilation to letting in cooling breezes. However, a common concern for opening skylights is what happens when they are accidentally left open when a storm blows in. Many modern skylights have addressed this problem, featuring weather sensors that allow them to close in moments if rain is detected. This can give you peace of mind about leaving your skylight open for ventilation, knowing that you aren’t going to be exposed to any inclement weather.


Unique Opening Skylights

Natural Lighting Products are specialists in creating custom skylight solutions to meet every need. We have crafted one-of-a-kind sliding glass roof skylights that allow for access to a rooftop balcony at the touch of a button. Maintaining the security and practicality of the house below, our custom options harness the very best of skylight technology to deliver practical solutions to our customers.

sliding opening glass skylights


Overall, technological advances in skylights have allowed homeowners and designers to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing in a highly practical, energy-efficient, and comfortable way. As we look to the future, it is clear that skylight technology will continue to develop for the better, and at Natural Lighting Products, we will stay on top of the newest innovations to deliver the best products to you. Contact us today to see how we can illuminate your home.