October 17, 2023

Skylights add a striking feature to any home and provide premium natural lighting solutions to every space. But many of us are deterred by horror stories, complaints, and problems shared with us by people who had skylights 30 years ago. Many of these kinds of skylights are no longer in production and were not installed with the best practices we have now. We have compiled a list of some of the biggest skylight misconceptions to help clear up these myths for good.

Myth #1: Skylights Overheat a Room in Summer


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Many people pass around the old story of skylights overheating rooms in summer, as they let in exorbitant amounts of heat and light. While this may have been accurate for skylights of the past, this does not hold true for the first-rate skylights provided by Natural Lighting Products. We only offer skylights that have low U-values or excellent Thermal performance. This number relates to the effectiveness of the Low-E glazing applied to the glass, which allows visible light to pass through while keeping solar heat out. This allows your home to stay cool in summer and warm in winter and can help reduce your electricity bills as your air conditioning does not have to work in overdrive to compensate for heat gain. A great tip for choosing skylights is to select the ones with the lowest U-value, as this can make a huge difference to the comfort of your home. For more information, see our helpful guide on skylight U-values.

Myth #2: All Skylights Let Indoor Air Escape

Skylights are often accused of creating a ‘thermal bridge’ in your ceiling. That is to say, there is a gap created between where your ceiling insulation ends and the glass or the skylight begins, which allows air to escape your home. While this can be the case for some skylights, this is not universal. Keylite Skylights, for example, have an expanding thermal collar. This fills the gap between the flashing and the skylight frame, completely sealing and insulating your ceiling. Not only does this prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, but it also prevents condensation and means less maintenance and bother for you. When this insulation collar is combined with a good U-Value and Low-E glazing, you are sure to have the same protection as a regular roof and ceiling, but with the stunning addition of natural light.

Myth #3: There is No Light Control with Skylights

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While it is true that you can never ‘turn off’ a skylight like you can with artificial lights, this does not mean you have no light control. Many skylights have compatible solar blinds, which can effectively block out the light. This is especially good news for those wanting a skylight but not wanting to detract from their home theatre or those who want a bedroom skylight but don’t wish to be woken up by the morning sun. There are a multitude of options for you if you are interested in a skylight that has light control.

Myth #4: Skylights Always Trap Hot Air Inside

Another common skylight misconception is that they trap hot air inside your home. This oversimplification fails to take into consideration the above statements: that low U-values and proper Low-E glazing prevent this heat build-up in the first place. However, in the event of heatwaves where nothing can stop your home from becoming a sauna, opening skylights and roof windows can be invaluable. As hot air rises, opening your skylight can allow the heat to escape. When this is paired with a cool breeze entering your home through windows and doors, you can create excellent airflow that can cool your home in no time. 

Myth #5: UV Rays From Skylights Fade Your Furniture

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Many homeowners of the past complained about how too much sunlight in their homes through skylights damaged their property, fading carpets, sofas, and furniture. This is true of old skylights that did not have glazing to protect against the harsh Australian sun. The skylights and roof windows available from Natural Lighting Products are specially treated with UV-blocking glazing to prevent this from happening and to also stop you being exposed to unnecessary UV light. You simply let in the sunlight without the harmful aspects.

Myth #6: Skylights Let Outdoor Noise Inside 

A common complaint of older skylights is that they allow outdoor noise to come inside. Modern skylights, like the Keylite and INFINITI ranges, are specially formed to create a noise barrier, reducing exterior noises by up to 36 decibels. These options are made to reduce the noise associated with wind, rain, and even hail for a brilliant option for your home. These super strong options can give you excellent peace of mind.

Skylight Technology Has Come a Long Way

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Most skylight myths are perpetrated by those who had incorrect installations of inferior products in the past. But the world of skylights has come a long way since then, thanks to advancements in technology and design. Selecting a quality skylight from a reputable installation company, like Natural Lighting Products, allows you to have a modern skylight that boasts many benefits for your home. With Low-E double glazing, low U-Values, and quality designs that both insulate your roof and prevent UV light and noise from entering your home, a skylight can add value without any downsides.

If you have been apprehensive about embracing skylights due to these myths, it is time to reconsider. Contact us or speak to a Natural Lighting Agent today for a free quote,