March 19, 2024

Outdoor entertaining is a big part of Australian culture and the allure of luxurious outdoor living spaces is undeniable. Whether you are enjoying a cosy patio, a spacious covered deck, or a suburban terrace, spending time outdoors with family and friends allows us all to unwind and relax. The singular drawback of these outdoor entertainment areas is the harsh and unpredictable Australian climate. An open-roof space is perfect until the blistering sun emerges or the rain pours; a solid roof space is great until grey skies throw your indoor space into darkness; and a polycarbonate pergola can create a boiling environment that you can hardly sit under once the temperature heats up (not to mention the hassle of keeping these clean). There is one singular solution that offers brilliant natural light, without UV rays or heat, that can brighten, protect, and improve the look and value of your patio: skylights. In this blog, we will provide six reasons why you should opt for skylights for your outdoor entertaining area.


1. Natural Light

The first and most obvious reason to choose skylights for your outdoor area is the abundance of natural light they provide. If your patio is well-lit by natural light, this echoes through the doors and windows of your property, keeping your indoors bright and welcoming. The light that filters through your skylights or overhead glazing can help to uplift moods both indoors and out. On overcast days, skylights above your terrace can keep your space much brighter and lighter than otherwise possible, negating the use of artificial lighting.


outdoor patio skylights


2. Heat Prevention

In addition to providing endless natural light, choosing overhead glazing or skylights from Keylite or INFINITI prevents overheating of your space. These options can block out up to 80% of external heat, maintaining a cooler environment than both open-roof and polycarbonate roof spaces. The specific glazing that keeps your space cool provides excellent insulation, preventing heat from entering your patio from directly overhead, while still allowing natural light to permeate your space fully. As well as heat block technology, these natural lighting options also provide 99% UV protection, making them a great choice to keep your friends and family safe while also protecting your furniture from fading. You can even install skylights in the roof covering your outdoor pool, to make for a safe and bright space to swim all year long. These options ensure a comfortable, cool place where you can relax, even on scorching days. By keeping the harsh sun at bay, skylights and overhead glazing enable more enjoyment of your outdoor entertaining area. 


3. Year-Round Usage

One of the most significant advantages of skylights is their ability to transform your outdoor entertaining area into a year-round haven. With the addition of skylights, you can enjoy your outdoor space in all seasons, regardless of the weather. Your outdoor area can be protected from extreme heat and high UV days, while also letting the light in during winter months for a cosy feel. Choosing overhead glazing or skylights can make your patio or deck an inviting destination, even when the weather outside is less than perfect.



4. Energy Efficiency

Skylights are not only environmentally friendly due to their ability to reduce energy consumption but also wallet-friendly. By bringing in abundant natural light, they decrease the need for artificial lighting, helping you cut down on your energy bills. Moreover, the insulating properties of overhead glazing can significantly reduce the heating and cooling costs of your outdoor space. Without heat entering directly from overhead during the summer, or heat dissipating out of a roofless space, your space can remain cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without overreliance on fans, misting systems, or heaters. This allows your skylights to help you contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle.


5. Aesthetic Elegance

Skylights are not simply a practical solution; they are also aesthetically pleasing. Whether using glass overhead glazing for the entirety of your alfresco or inserting several patio skylights across the length of your outdoor roof, they can elevate the visual appeal of your space. With the different shapes and sizes on offer, as well as custom options that Natural Lighting Products can design, you can create unique designs that suit your style and your space. Adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor area has never been more simple. 


outdoor patio skylights

6. Improved Property Value

Investing in skylights for your outdoor entertaining area can also increase the value of your property. Potential buyers often appreciate well-designed and versatile outdoor spaces. Skylights are a premium addition that can set your home apart from others on the market, making it more attractive to prospective buyers. Their energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and year-round usability are features that can contribute to a higher resale value.



Illuminate Your Patio With Skylights

Imagine hosting a brunch under your skylit terrace or celebrating a special occasion underneath a starry sky. Skylights and overhead glazing can forge a delightful place to entertain family and friends in your home. They are remarkable features that can elevate your outdoor space in numerous ways. By bringing natural light with heat-blocking technology, they make your space suitable for year-round usage while keeping energy bills down. Their aesthetic brilliance also helps to increase your property value, making them a worthwhile investment. Whether you choose to add skylights to your existing patio roof or add overhead glazing to your open alfresco, contact us today or speak to a Natural Lighting Products agent to upgrade your home.