Velux Manually Operated Roof Windows (High Performance Glazing)

Velux Manually Operated Roof Windows (Comfort Glazing)

Velux VS

Manually Operated top-hung skylights from Velux including comfort double glazed glass.

Provides the comfort and energy savings of free daylight and natural ventilation. Operated by winder handle from with reach situations or by rod for out of reach use, up to 285cm above head height. Confort Double Glazing is included on these units.

Note: Velux Roof Flashing Sold Separately


Type: Manual Openable

Brand: Velux

Velux Roof Window Flashings

Standard Velux Roof Flashing sized to match your Velux Window size.

Note – Only Suitable for Tile Roofs and Roof Pitches Greater than 15 Degrees.