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INTRODUCING our all new Infiniti FHM

How does Keylite compare to Velux?

  • DGU (Glass) U-Value 1.0
  • Skylight U-Value 1.3
  • Thermal collar yes
  • Fully painted frame yes
  • 4mm external glass
  • DB sound reduction 36
  • Quick fit brackets-tile roof
  • 1-piece flashing-metal roof

  • DGU (Glass) U-Value 1.9
  • Skylight U-Value 2.9
  • Thermal collar none
  • ½ painted frame Primer only
  • 3mm external glass
  • DB sound reduction 32
  • Small alum angle fixing
  • No flashing for metal roof

Keylite is a European manufactured Skylight “designed for Australia”
Keylite Glass 4mm TGH / 18mm Argon Void / 6.38 lami
Velux Glass 3mm TGH / 9mm Argon Void / 5.38 lami

  • The thermal performance of Keylite is superior because of the DGU layup. This is reflected in the lower U-Value. i.e., A normal house window has a U-value of 6 or 7, Velux is 2.9 & Keylite is 1.3.
  • U-Value is the measure of how thermally efficient the skylight glass is, so the lower the U-Value number the better. Remember, that skylights always face the sky, so have x5 the exposure to the weather compared to a window. The U-Value is the single most important factor when considering a skylight type.
  • Keylite has a thermal collar which eliminates “the gap” between the skylight and the flashing. This “GAP” is the source of major thermal loss for any skylight when installed. The thermal collar is standard with all Keylite skylights and adds to the thermal performance of the whole skylight
  • Keylite has a fully painted (semi-gloss) solid timber frame, so when the sash is open, the timber frame is protected via a semi-gloss paint. Velux sash and frame are only primed internally so the external sash section is completely unprotected and is therefore susceptible to weathering. Or it needs to be painted…….
  • Keylite has unique quick fit brackets that not only make installation easy but, will also ensure the skylight sits lower in the roof. This is an advantage when the roof & skylights are visual from outside.
  • Keylite has a major advantage in its ability to block-out sound with a massive 36db reduction vs Velux at 32. This is due the different thicknesses of glass within the DGU and the larger Argon void section.
Just the facts!

Buy better, buy Keylite!