November 22, 2020


Energy-efficient Keylite natural daylighting brought to you by Natural Lighting Products


Keylite has been a leader in the skylight industry in Europe for many years – they understand the impact your choice of skylight will have on ambience, comfort, and efficiency in your living space.


Natural Lighting Products has partnered with Keylite to offer a wide range of high performance skylights and accessories that have been specifically designed to meet Australian needs.


Manufactured in Europe for the Australian market, Keylite skylights are designed to suit Australia’s exacting building standards and extreme climate.


The range incorporates the latest in Keylite’s unique performance boosting technologies, allowing homeowners and businesses alike to efficiently access one of our greatest natural resource – sunlight.


The Keylite skylight range meets and exceeds critical Australian buildings standards, whether it be AS1288 (overhead glazing), AS 4285 (manufacture and assembly of skylights) or AS3959 (bushfire rating of building products). Keylite also leads the market in thermal efficiency – with high performance glazing and built in thermal collars on our entire skylight product range.

Heat Block

In a country like Australia with extreme heat Keylite skylights provide an 80% Heat Block by using market leading high-performance glazing in all its skylights. All Keylite skylights are double-glazed and deliver exceptional U-value performance (1.1 w/m2k). The double-glazed units also have a 20mm Argon Gas filled cavity and a Low E coating delivering a 99% UV protection rating – no need to worry about those soft furnishings fading!


Keylite skylights 6.38mm laminated inner pane and a 4mm toughened outer pane withstands cold weather too. The high-quality double-glazed skylights 1.1 w/m2k U-Value is the leading indicator of this exceptional insulation performance. The Warm Edge Glazing and built in expanding thermal collar also helps to prevent thermal bridging to reinforce energy efficiency performance.


Keylite skylights are manufactured to withstand storms, rain and high winds – External cappings are high grade aluminium and all fixings are stainless to ensure your product stays safe and secure years after installation.


Keylite’s market leading double-glazed glass units – built into every skylight in our range – exceeds industry benchmarks for noise reduction – external noise is reduced by 36db. Perfect for residential and urban areas, or more rural and remote areas with high winds and storms.


Our skylights have attained Australian Standards AS3959 – Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL 40) – resistant to up to 900 degrees Celsius of radiant heat for over 30 minutes, helping to keep you safe in Bushfire prone areas.




If you are looking to get the best skylights available on the market, speak to our team about our Keylite skylight range which include both fixed and opening skylights in a range of sizes. Our opening skylights can be operated manually, or you can choose remote-controlled electric skylights if you prefer.

Our entire range of skylights also come with optional solar-powered remote-controlled blinds.