August 10, 2022



Natural Lighting Products is excited to introduce the all-new INFINITI skylights – the cutting edge in skylight technology.


So, what makes the INFINITI skylight so special?

  • Thermal Performance

    The INFINITI skylight is made of extra thick, double-glazed, toughened glass, with a U-value of 1.5 for optimal thermal performance. U-values, measure how well a window stops heat from passing through it. This will be what dictates how much heat is let into your home during the summer and how much heat is kept in during the winter, your home will be more comfortable, with fewer hot and cold spots in your rooms.

  • Stunning design

    Much like an infinity pool creates the illusion of water extending into the horizon, the sleek frameless glass design of the INFINITI skylight creates the illusion that a slice of the sky has been effortlessly inserted into your ceiling. The INFINITI skylight can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientation to fit the flow and design of your room and comes in a range of eight sizes to suit all roof types. It can also be installed on a wide range of roof pitches, from 1 degree to 85 degrees, making it endlessly versatile.

  • Self-cleaning

    Yep, you read that right, these skylights clean themselves. INFINITI skylights come equipped with a self-cleaning coating that works by reacting with UV daylight to break down organic matter. Once broken down, the remaining debris can be easily washed away with either natural rainfall or a quick hose-off, leaving you with a perfect, clean finish.

  • Hail-resistant and sound reducing

    The extra thick, double-glazed toughened glass ensures that your skylight is highly resistant to hail and offers great sound reduction performance.

  • Clever design

    One of the biggest design pitfalls of skylights is the way that the walls around the skylights allow water to pool, creating a risk of leakages down the line. The INFINITI skylights are specially designed so that water is unable to pond, making them the most leak-resistant option on the market.

  • Fast and simple fitting

    Specially designed to be quick and easy to install, the INFINITI skylight will save you money on installation costs, while also ensuring great performance for years to come. The INFINITI skylight comes with a 12-year warranty (all flashing, hobs, or waterproofing membrane to be warranted by the installer).

  • Compatible with INFINITI blinds

    To further enhance the noise reduction, insulation, thermal regulation, and UV protection of your Infiniti FHM skylight, you can add a white honeycomb blind. These blinds are fully solar powered and come with remote control for ease of use.


Contact Natural Lighting Products today to discuss installing an Infiniti FHM skylight in your home.