September 12, 2019


A skylight installation in a bathroom is one of the best things to do in order to get natural lighting, especially if your bathroom has a small or no window due to the design of your house, where a skylight becomes an added benefit to improve your bathroom’s look & feel while brightening the space, which consequently gives a feel of a larger space.


Venting skylights are generally better to use in bathrooms, as they can provide the fresh air required to the place and works perfectly all year round by cooling it down in summer and warming it up in winter, especially if you are using a solar-generated skylight.


Bathrooms’ aesthetics are important, yet it’s not the only benefit of a skylight installation in a bathroom, as there is more to it than just the way it looks; the additional natural light makes the place more vibrant and open, and depending on your bathroom’s size, you can have more than one installed, in which case it’s better to get a skylight contractor to provide the best advice. Find one of our shops or agents now across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Wollongong as well as throughout Australia.


If you have a smallish bathroom, a roof window will make it look larger, especially if you’re using a darker colour scheme in your bathroom. Your privacy will be maintained as the natural light comes from the top, unlike vertical windows which could compromise your privacy if your neighbours are too close. Skylights also provide more than three times as much light than a vertical window of an equal size.


Being a wet space by nature, having a bathroom skylight installed proved very practical, as the natural light coming from a skylight will help reduce and prevent mildew, rot or mould, which helps maintain a healthier environment for you & your family. A skylight is also a great investment that increases the value of your home.


What Type of Skylight Works Best in a Bathroom?

A rule of thumb: the larger the better. Depending on the space, design and roof type, your skylight specialist will be able to advise which skylights will work better for your home, its shape, material or how it is activated (remote control, sensor, solar, manual…).

What Are the Benefits of Skylights?

To sum it up, a skylight will provide the following benefits:

  • A great source of natural light which helps reduce your power bill.
  • Maintain a healthy environment by introducing fresh air.
  • Ensure a good source of Vitamin D, with all its benefits to the bones and eyes.
  • Reduce risk of mould & mildew, especially in wetter areas.
  • There are many benefits of having a skylight installed, if you’d like to get a free quote, talk to Natural Lighting Products, we’ve got skylights specialists across the country, and our skylights come with a 7-year warranty.