November 28, 2022


The all-New INFINITI skylight is your ideal acrylic dome replacement system. 


With a simple design, the INFINITI skylight will fit onto most existing bases. Whether your roof profile is a tile, corrugated or flat metal deck roof, the INFINITI skylight can easily be adapted to fit. 


Upgrading your acrylic dome to INFINITI will provide you with many benefits.


1. Thermal performance

This is the biggest benefit – INFINITI is “Double Glazed.”


Your acrylic dome is made of 3mm acrylic & offers little or no thermal performance. For example, in the middle of winter when you’re trying to warm your house, as heat rises it will automatically be attracted to the highest point, which is – you guessed it – the skylight. At this point your warm air will simply pass through the acrylic and become a major “thermal” leak point. (Have you ever noticed how quickly your house cools down when you turn off the heater? This could be why.)

2. Stronger – Double Glazed Glass

As the INFINITI skylight is double glazed, we’ve designed the external glass of the DGU to be 30% thicker than our closest competitor, combining this with state-of-the-art toughening process makes INFINITI easily the strongest “off the shelf” product available today.

3. Affordability 

As INFINITI has been designed by the Natural Lighting Products team with over 100 years of combined experience, the design concept is simple yet effective. With this method we’ve been able to keep our high thermal performance, super strong, simple-to-install skylight at a competitive price point. 

4. Always Compare Skylights

When comparing different skylight brands and trying to get an understanding of what your money is buying, the most important factor to understand is the “U-Value”. The U-Value is like a golf score, the lower the better! The INFINITI DGU U-Value 1.5.



Learn more about the features of the INFINITI here.