April 24, 2023


Natural light is a vital element in any building, and skylights are a creative way to bring in more of it. Skylights are an architectural feature that can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space, while also providing numerous benefits to occupants. Whether you’re looking to create a more energy-efficient building, improve indoor air quality, or simply create a unique and inviting space, skylights can be an effective solution. In this blog, we’ll explore six creative uses for skylights, ranging from natural lighting to indoor gardens, and examine how they can be incorporated into a building’s design. At NLP, we’ve installed a range of creative, modified, and unique skylights for different purposes. So, let’s shed some light on the versatility of skylights and explore the possibilities they offer for enhancing a building’s design and functionality.


1. Natural Lighting

Skylights are a great way to bring in natural light into a space, which can help reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day. This is not only an energy-efficient solution, but it can also create a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere for occupants. Make this a more creative solution by choosing a custom design to fit the angle and aperture of your roof opening. A conventional gabled roof – a common Australian style – with a roof window can offer the illusion of a massive light leak, as a plasterboard shaft is needed to connect the room to the skylight. This can be then widened to provide a great statement look.



2. Solar Heating

Skylights can be designed to capture sunlight and convert it into heat, which can be used to warm a space. This can be particularly useful in colder climates or for buildings with high heating requirements. Saving on your heating bill whilst adding a dramatic feature to your home is possible through a strategically-placed skylight. A bedroom skylight can help keep your room cosy for those in colder climates – a thin, wall-to-wall skylight is a unique way to bring in just the right amount of light.


3. Ventilation

Depending on how they’ve been designed, skylights can also allow for natural ventilation in a space. This can help regulate indoor temperatures, improve indoor air quality, and reduce the need for air conditioning during mild weather. A vented or a remote-controlled opening skylight can bring a breath of fresh air to your architecture and your home at the touch of a button. Such skylights are a popular choice for bathrooms as they not only make the space seem more fresh and open, but the ventilation they provide also help reduce rot or mould which helps maintain a healthier environment for you & your family. 


bathroom skylights


4. Indoor Gardens

Skylights can be used to create indoor gardens or greenhouses, providing plants with natural sunlight and a controlled environment. This can be a great way to grow fresh produce or to create a relaxing and inviting indoor space. A mini tree or large potted plant in a living space, provided with natural sunlight through a roof skylight, is a creative and interesting way to incorporate some nature indoors.


5. Indoor-outdoor flow

Skylights can be used to give an indoor space an outdoor feel by creating a ceiling-less illusion. This is especially effective in instances where a space is designed to connect with nature, like an indoor pool or a kitchen and dining area that backs onto a patio. 




6. Artistic Design

Skylights can be incorporated into a building’s design to create unique and artistic spaces. For example, a skylight could be designed to cast interesting patterns of light and shadow on a wall or floor, creating an interesting and dynamic visual effect. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, or website to find some inspiration through our previous projects.


In conclusion, skylights offer numerous benefits and creative opportunities for enhancing a building’s design and functionality. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality, create an indoor garden, or simply enhance the aesthetics of a space, skylights can be an excellent solution. From a design perspective, skylights offer a unique and dynamic way to incorporate natural light into a building, creating an inviting and comfortable environment for occupants. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of creativity and functionality to your building, consider incorporating skylights into your design. With the right design and placement, skylights can transform a building and provide numerous benefits to occupants. Contact us to see how we can add a bit of creativity to your space.