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Imagine a 'window to the sky' allowing beautiful outdoor views - that's a VELUX skylight.  Natural Lighting Products is one of the largest distributors of the VELUX product range in Australia.  VELUX skylights are all energy efficient.  Veluxe provides a range of high quality 5 Star Energy Rating skylights which comply to Australian Standard AS4285 - Skylights.  A range of high quality skylights in both fixed and ventilating (openable models).

All VELUX skylights come with either comfort double glazing or High-performance double glazing.  VELUX keeps the heat and the cold out ensuring a comfortable room temperature all year round.  All VELUX skylights have received either 4.5 or 5 stars on the WERS for skylights Energy Rating Scheme.  The maximum is 5 stars. 

Fixed Skylight

A fixed skylight will give you the full benefit of light but no ventilation.  Therefore it is suitable for rooms where adequate ventilation already exists.  You have a choice of two different glazings on the majority of sizes.






A manual openable skylights will give you as much light and ventilation as an electric model. It is manually controlled and you have the choice of two different glazing on majority of the sizes. Depending on the position of the skylight opening and closing is controlled by a handle or a rod. Flyscreen is included.





An openable skylight not only gives you light but also ventilation. And with an electric remote control, opening and closing windows and blinds is as easy as pushing a button. Sometimes you don't even have to. VELUX electric openable skylight has rain sensors so when it starts raining the window closes automatically. Flyscreen is included.



  • - Quality venetian, roller and blockout blinds are available for all models.
  • - These can be operated by control rod or remote control electrical system.
  • - An electric rain sensor is also available.
  • - Where installed according to instructions velux skylights will never leak.
  • - Watertight Australian Standards AS4285-Skylights
  • - Velux skylights are the perfect solution for creating areas filled with natural light without the heat.

Natural Lighting Products is one of the largest distributors of the VELUX product range in Australia.